Make the Festive Season comfortable and fun for your pets!

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The Festive Season is around the corner, and we all fret at the thought of our darling pets coming under stress due to pollution and noise due to crackers.

Don't worry, we've got you covered! This festive season, not only will we help you keep your pets calm and happy, but also festive ready!

Loud noises of crackers, pollution and too many visitors at home can leave your pets stressed and under a lot of anxiety.

Here are a few tips to keep your pet calm during Diwali :

  • Walk your dogs during early morning hours, and early evenings to avoid the "rush hours" of festivities. Take your dog for an extra long walk, or a run in the park. A tired dog is a happy dog, and will bother less about the loud noise in the evening. 
  • Use waterproof socks to walk your pets during Diwali days. The chemicals left behind from crackers can cause serious damage to your dog, if they manage to lick their paws after walk.
  • Ensure you keep a close watch on your pets while on walks, and sensitise your family as well. Avoid stopping by at any spot where cracker remains are found. Sometimes, these chemicals throw sparks even after the whole cracker is burnt!
  • Keep your pets inside a room in the evening with a soft music playing at a low volume. Draw curtains and ensure all windows and doors are locked, to reduce the affect of loud sounds as much as possible.
  • Use Lavender Oil to calm down tense behaviour. Lavender Oil is a natural calming agent that helps pets stay calm during stressful times. 
  • Use ear muffs to reduce the sound of crackers. Ear Muffs help in reducing loud sounds, and controlling anxiety from noise.
  • Buy your puppers new interactive toys this Diwali, and help them stay engaged.
  • Its important to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable, but do not OVER-PAMPER your dogs at this time. Giving too much attention to your pets can send down a message that something is terribly wrong, and that may leave your pets with even more anxiety.
  • Sensitise your neighbourhood and children to avoid bursting crackers! This is a tough one but THE most important of all. It will go a long way in keeping children and pets safe, and the environment clean!Also go through this list of Festive Special products introduced by us, to help your pets stay calm, and stylish this festive season!
  • Keep a pet First Aid Kit ready for any emergencies at home.


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