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      Dog Grooming Service

      Dog Grooming Service

      We at PoochMate Spa believe that every dog gains health benefits from feeling clean, light, pampered and groomed.

      Our dog salon & pet store is located in Lado Sarai, New Delhi, providing the ultimate dog grooming service tailored to your dog's breed, personality and wellbeing.

      PoochMate Spa was started in 2014, when Preeti Sood, our founder couldn't find professional and hygienic dog grooming salons in the city for her own furry kids.

      "For me, starting this was a well thought of decision, and I wanted to ensure we deliver international standards to our furry clients. I got myself professionally trained in London, UK with a certification recognised by City and Guilds" says Preeti.

      She is certified in handling most breeds and specializes in breed standard grooming for Bichons, Schnauzers, Spaniels, Terriers, Maltese, Shih Tzu's, Golden Retrievers and many more breeds!

      Both you and your dog will notice the amazing difference in his looks and even his behavior after his grooming. Your pooch will look well and feel well too.

      Check out our services for basic grooming below, and don't miss checking out standalone services and full grooming packages!

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      Dog Grooming Workshop for Kids
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