PoochMate Beige Tartan Plaid Mat

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Tartan Plaid is a classic pattern that blends with any home decor.

Made from 100% cotton to provide your furry friend with a super comfy spot on the couch or by your feet. The zip free design reduces risk of chewing and tearing.

Comes with a water & dust repellent fabric on the reverse. Please choose a size that best fits your dog's needs.

Our mats are filled with premium filling to keep them in shape for a long time ! These can be machine washed, we recommend hand wash for the first time.

Our mats are made in 3 sizes designed to suit most breed types and ensure they get a full coverage to sleep on.

Small size : 28 inches X 18 inches. Suitable for cats, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese and alike.

Medium size : 35 inches X 21 inches. Suitable for Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Bichons and alike.

Large size : 48 inches X 28 inches. Suitable for Golden Retriever, GSD, Labrador and alike.


Where to use: Our mats are multi-purpose use, that can be used anywhere your dog likes to laze around - on the sofa, your bed, floor, crate or while travelling in the car.

Material : 100% cotton. Poly-dust repellent bottom.

Wash Care : Machine wash in cold water.

Usage : Lounging & sleeping.

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