Grooming Courses

Welcome to PoochMate Grooming Classes.

Pet grooming is a need in today’s time & thus makes for a booming career choice.

This skill is always in demand, whether you set up an individual salon, work at a veterinary's clinic or want to work abroad.

If you want to become a Pet Stylist, and are a beginner, we have the in-depth training courses and qualifications you need.

Our intensive grooming course is focused, with hands-on experience of handling a busy grooming salon.

Our grooming courses are tenured between 7 days - 25 Days, and give you a hands-on experience of handling different dogs, coat types, scissoring techniques, clipping & salon management.

Write to us at or call us at +91 9650197999 to know more.


*All our classes are conducted at our Spa & Store in New Delhi. You will be directly trained under our founder - Preeti Sood.