Groom at Home Kit

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We bring you this handy kit to keep your darling doggies well groomed at home between professional grooming appointments.


Step 1 : Apply 2-3 drops of Lavender Oil on neck & behind ears.

Step 2 : Apply Dry Shampoo.

Step 3 : Brush Out the coat.

Step 4: Clean face, ears, paws and eyes with wet wipes.

Step 5 : Apply paw butter.

Step 6:  Spray perfume!

The kit contains :

  1. Organic Lavender Oil : Essential Lavender Organic Oil aids in calming down anxiety in pets. Lavender Oil is a well-known calming agent that creates a sense of peace and calming effect on dogs.  Put 1-2 drops directly on the neck to help your dog inhale the fragrance to help him/her get ready to enjoy grooming.
  2. Dry Bath Shampoo : This water less shampoo offers stress and mess-free way to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh between baths. Simply spray all over, scrub and dry with a fresh towel or use a dryer. Detangles the coat, makes the fur super smooth, for hydrophobic pets, noiseless spray.
  3. Slicker Brush : Ideal for all coats, this brush specially helps remove small knots and tangles that may happen due to friction while walking, playing or zoomies on the bed! The brush has straight slicker pins on one side, and curved pins on the other side, enabling complete de-tangling of the dog's coat. The bent bristles help you to get to the undercoat and break up mats and pull up all the loose fur. The straight bristle side is used afterwards to make the cost smooth and shiny.
  4. Wipes : Biodegradable wipes from Kolan. Great for cleaning paws post walk, face, eyes, ears, teeth and body. Use post walks, or daily to keep your puppy clean. Contains no parabens or alcohol. Great for cleaning pet accessories & toys too.
  5. Paw Butter : A worry-free solution to protect your dog's paws and elbows from cracking and chapping. Enriched with Lemongrass Oil, it keeps ticks & fleas at bay. Take a small amount on your finger tips and massage thoroughly on the paw pads. Safe for everyday use.
  6. Perfume : This Cologne Spray will make your pets smell as great as they look. Infused with Apple and Green Tea Extracts, it is nourishing and instantly helps control odour. Better yet, it is really gentle and alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation. Simply spray it on and your dog is ready to be super social!

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