OAK Pink Old Rose Harness & Lead Set - Large

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This festive season, pamper your doggie with a special item from our new "One of a Kind" collection that no one else can have!

OAK Old Rose Harness & Lead Set - Large- Part of our One of a Kind - OAK Collection. 

This Harness & Lead set is made with 100% cotton top & lining.

Our luxury dog harnesses are handmade with the finest cotton fabric finished with cotton webbing & strong hardware. Softy padded for comfort, these harnesses give optimum control to the walker while keeping the dog totally comfortable.

The small size comes with a fixed neck & adjustable tummy, while the medium & large sizes come with adjustable neck and tummy straps.

Large : Fits breeds with a bigger neck like Pit bulls, Heavy beagles, Heavy Indies, Lean Golden Retrievers, Labradors and alike. Neck Size 17-22 inches Tummy adjustable between inches 22-35 inches

How to wear : Pull the harness on the body through the head. Insert the tummy belt through the loop on the spine and buckle up. Adjust the neck and tummy to your dog's size. The X-shape padded side of the harness comes below the chest.. Latch on the leash on the D-ring.

Material : Cotton Top & Lining. 100% cotton webbing. Padded lead handle. Metal Hardware.

Wash Care : Hand-wash. Do Not use brush.

Usage : Walking Gear

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