Petacom Melon Waterless Shampoo 225ML

Petacom Melon Waterless Shampoo 225ML

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PetaClean Mega Melon Madness Dry Bath-Dog Shampoo is a waterless shampoo for your pet, which does not require any water for grooming.

Excellent to keep your pet groomed between professional baths. It’s a daily cleaning product that is pH adjusted & free of Parabens and sulphates.

Just spray on and rub well with a dry towel and let the product work its magic! The Mega Melon Madness fruity fragrance is sure to leave your pet smelling fresh, clean and ready for the entire day!

Directions of use Spray PetaClean Waterless shampoo evenly on the dog's coat and massage gently. Rub and dry with towel.

Do not spray in eyes, ears and mouth.

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