Pooch Diwali Hamper

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Pooch Diwali Hamper
Pooch Diwali Hamper
Pooch Diwali Hamper
Pooch Diwali Hamper
Pooch Diwali Hamper
Pooch Diwali Hamper

PoochMate & Doggie Dabbas bring you a perfect Diwali Box for your darling pet.

A special box curated by us that has everything to pamper and make Diwali safe & fun for your darling dog.

This hamper contains

  • Poochmate Noise Cancelling Ear Muff x 1 : 

Our Dog Ear Muffs are excellent to keep your dogs calm from loud noise during festive times and during drying after bath.

PoochMate Dog Ear Muffs are also great for dog breeds with long dropping ears like Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Basset Hounds etc, to protect their ears from getting dirty while eating or during walks.

  • Lavender Oil 15ml x 1

Festive times can be stressful for our darling pets. With crackers and pollution everywhere, dogs and cats can come under great deal of stress and anxiety and may need to be comforted.

We bring you Essential Lavender Organic Oil that aids in calming down anxiety in pets. Lavender Oil is a well-known calming agent that creates a sense of peace and calming effect on dogs. Just apply 1-2 drops behind the ears, and on the neck to calm down your pet. Lavender Oil also helps in controlling motion sickness for dogs while travelling.

  • Festive Diwali Bow Tie x 1

Whether you have a beautiful girl or handsome boy we have options for both! Choose from an Ivory and Pink or a Navy Blue bow tie to get your pooch Diwali ready! 

  • Blueberry Chicken Jerky (85gms) x 1

A delicious high protein blend of only 2 ingredients, Blueberries & Chicken. Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants and help keep brain activity healthy. 

  • Cranberry Chicken Jerky (85gms) x 1

Chicken & Cranberries make this treat absolutely droolicious! Cranberries aid in detox and help flush out toxins from the body. 

  • Peanut Butter (100gms) x 1

It's not a Diwali Hamper without an extra special treat! Peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E, Proteins and Heart Healthy Fats. Simply let your doggie lick it off a spoon or drizzle over fruits! If your dog is being fussy mix a dollop into their food!

  • Paw Diyas x 2 

Made with wood and hand painted in a beautiful Rose Gold & Gold. These diyas are the perfect addition to your doggie friendly Diwali parties!


All products in this hamper are made with premium fabrics. All treats are 100% natural, soy Free, preservative free & wheat free.

 * Please choose SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE option for the Bow Ties & Ear Muffs

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