PoochMate England Floral Dog Mat

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Our latest offering - these super classy dog mats with vintage roses are designed to blend with your home interiors.

Hand Made with premium cotton, and stuffing that doesn't lose shape over use and waterproof bottom. This classy, vintage english print is our favourite!

Soft, and durable, these cosy mats by PoochMate are sure to make your furry friend feel at home, wherever he lays his head.

The zip free design reduces risk of chewing and tearing. Our mats are filled with premium filling to keep them in shape for a long time !

No more worrying about your pet leaving hair in the car, on the sofa or bed, just put his/her favourite mat anywhere and let him/her relax !

These can be machine washed, we recommend hand wash for the first time.

Available in 3 sizes. Please choose the size that will be most comfortable for your furry.

Small size : 28 inches X 18 inches.

Medium size : 35 inches X 21 inches.

Large size : 48 inches X 28 inches

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