PoochMate Mandarin Bandana - Red & Navy

PoochMate Mandarin Bandana - Red & Navy

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Our latest collection - the Mandarin Bandanas are handmade with woven double side 100% cotton.

This super soft, elegant bandana comes with an adjustable neck with snap on buckles make it a perfect accessory for your dog! Bandanas are a great accessory for any occasion or just a walk in the park.

Sure show stopper for your darling pet! Our bandanas come in 3 sizes.

Small: Fits small breeds like chihuahua, toy breeds, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apsos etc. 10-17 inches neck size.

Medium : Fits medium breeds like Beagles, Indies, Cocker Spaniels etc. 15-22 inches neck size. 

Large : Fits large breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers etc 22-28 inches neck size.

How to wear : Simply adjust the neck band using the adjuster and buckle up around the neck using the quick snap on buckle.

Material : 100% Cotton

Wash Care : Hand-wash with mild soap, flat dry. Iron on warm setting.

Usage : Accessory.

PoochMate Dog bandanas are handmade with the most premium fabrics you'll find! Made in India by PoochMate.

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