PoochMate Navajo Dog Collar & Leash Combo

PoochMate Navajo Dog Collar & Leash Combo

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Our Navajo Canvas & Leather collars & leashes are strong, durable and oh-so-stylish.

The simple, and classy design is sure to leave your pooch looking rather dapper ! 

This collar comes with fully stitched design for added strength makes this a very durable collar ! If classy and suave is your doggie's style, this one is a must in his collection! 

Our Navajo collection is inspired by Navajos, who came to Southwest America with their weaving techniques and made horizontal diamond patterns for carpets and rugs. Available in 3 sizes. Please choose the size that best suits your dog.

Small - Collar Neck Size 14.5-17.5 inches. Fits Shih Tzu, English Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Indies, Pugs(Slim) and alike. Leash Medium Length 40 Inches

Medium - Neck Size 17-21 inches. Fits Beagles, American Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatians, Bull Dogs, Dachshunds, Pugs (Large) and alike. Leash Medium Length 40 Inches

Large- Neck Size 21-27 inches. Fits Large Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Husky and alike. Leash Large Length 55 Inches

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