Fiprotic Spot On Tick Oil - 20-40 Kgs

Fiprotic Spot On Tick Oil - 20-40 Kgs

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Fiprotic spot on treatment for controlling ticks and flea, aids at controlling re-infestation of ticks and flea.

Easy application makes it convenient and gives the dog protection for upto 3 months. This spot on treatment contains Fipronil which remains effect ion even after bathing the dog.

If the dog is exposed to areas of high infestation of ticks and flea, a monthly application is recommended.

  • The product is safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating female dogs too.
  • Newly emerged fleas are killed before they lay eggs, works on brown ticks too.
  • Recommended for dogs with weight between 20-40 kilos.
  • To apply simply remove the tip of the tube and put the solution between hair. Allow it to dry completely and wash hands after use.
  • Not recommend for dogs under 8 weeks old.
  • Recommended for dogs only.

*Please get your house, carpets and dog beds thoroughly cleaned after the dog has been cleaned of ticks and flea, to avoid re-infestation.