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Tear Stains : Why do they happen?

Tear Stains are the reddish-brown streaks right under a dog's or cat's eye and is caused by several reasons.

The appearance is more prominent in certain breeds like Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu and Persian Cats.

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Coconut Oil - Miracle for dogs

Coconut Oil has been known to have many many health benefits for our darling pets.

Feeding coconut oil to your dog provides him/her with many health benefits, including Increased metabolism Higher energy and vitality

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Paw Licking in Dogs

Ever noticed your dog profusely licking his paws, which has caused you both to visit the vet a little more often?

The small inflammation that appears between the paws are usually hairless, fleshy lumps that cause excessive itching leading to licking, and eventually limping in dogs.

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Save your dog from painful matting

Matting or knotting in dogs with long coats is a common issue. Our latest blog talks about small steps you can take to keep your pet free from painful knots and mats.

What is the right way of brushing, areas to focus on and when is the time to get a haircut dog. Read on to know more.


Shaving or NOT - Summer is almost here

Summer is almost here, and we get a lot of requests for shaving dogs. 

Its become a rather regular incident of us watching painful stories on social media regarding dogs that have been shaved on request of pet parents, or recommendation by "vets" and "groomers".

Is it right? Is it wrong? Does it actually do any harm?