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      PoochMate was founded in 2014 with our single mission to reach out to more pet parents and make available professional services and durable, chic and comfortable products that truly benefit dogs.

      Our founder has a background in Finance & Design. When she got home her dog Bosco in 2009, she’d get him his supplies from her visits abroad. The products available in our country were either made of nylon and polyester, or just not “pretty” enough to be on display when they had guests over.

      But what compelled her to quit her job and get into the industry was the lack of professional services for basics like grooming.

      In 2014, she decided to bid adieu to her corporate career spanning 15 years, and went to London, UK for a professional dog grooming course. She started her first salon in December 2014 where she used to retail products from other brands. The only options were in polyester, rough canvas or nylon which she was not happy with. 

      She started her retail journey in 2015, with one mission - if we don't use something on our own dogs, we will not sell it to other pet parents either. From treats to grooming products, all brands stocked with us are natural, preservative and chemical free.

      Starting from our first line of dog beds, harnesses and collars we were clear about not wanting to use nylon, or polyester and steer clear from the standard “bone and paw prints”. Dogs are truly family, and their products had to be as good as ours, if not better!

      Today our products range from bedding, collars, leads, harnesses, toys, clothes and lately our very own humans’ line!

      “I could not accept the quality of beds available for Bosco back then, those typical bone/paw print foam beds with itchy fabrics. Even the few popular brands had bedding in polyester and collars in nylon. I knew I wanted to bring a change, introduce products which we would be proud to put in our homes and use on our dogs.”

      We use cotton, aesthetically designed prints, to enable you to truly make your dog feel like family! Our products are design driven, stylish, durable and easy to maintain. All our products are made in-house in our own manufacturing set up that helps us maintain our quality standards. 

      This brand is truly a combination of my three passions : Pets, Nature and Design Aesthetics. That is the basis of everything we do, every product we design and every relationship we nurture. Its high time pet products not be made of loud colors, nylon or polyester - just be aesthetically appealing. comfortable to use and benefit dogs. They deserve that.

      Thank you for choosing us to be your pet parenting partners.


      Happy Shopping!

      Team PoochMate