Dog Winter Jackets & Coats

Winter months in certain parts of the globe can be very harsh and some dog breeds require winter clothing to keep them warm.

While some double coat breeds like Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard and GSD's may not require winter clothing, you may find some other dogs curling up in the harsh winter months.

Our Dog Jackets and Coats are available in 8 different sizes that suit almost all dog breeds. However, if you'd like your dog's jacket to be customised please write to us, we'll be happy to help! We deliver the best dog jackets, custom fit to your pooches needs. 

We use premium fabrics including fleece, cotton, water repellent fabrics and modern stitching techniques to make our jackets classy, stylish and last long!

Wondering which size will fit your large dog coat for this winter? Well, just measure your dog's length from the neck to the start of the tail in inches and follow the same size ! Also, while placing an order, do read if the chest and waist size matches, or write to us for customisation.

PoochMate Dog Clothes and accessories are 100% Make in India.